Anonymous VS Apple Developer
California  United States
Occurred: 2017-05-19; Posted: 2017-05-19

Do all major websites sell our info to opportunists
I recently decided to make a mobile app for Apple and thus I had to register on the Apple developer website and make payments with my credit card. Since then spammers are sending me spam emails, phishing attempts, SEO services, and sales offers etc etc, all vaguely related to my newly created apple ID.

Emails are coming from Paypal look alikes, Apple look alikes, Google look alikes, MSN look alikes, yahoo look alikes etc etc all relating and referring to my activity on Apple website. I never had this type of spam coming to me before my connection with apple. I wonder how do these spammers came to know, what I did on apple website just a few days ago. Amidst all this Apple forces you to use your real name while registering, asks you to send a piece of ID to verify, I dont know what and bla bla bla. Making you vulnerable to so much spam. On the other hand if I wanted to get a real piece of ID from apple or talk to someone at Apple, it will be so hard to get to a live person.

All this spam filling my inbox. Is it just a coincidence. I dont think so, and One wonders how is Apple the most secure platform in the world...

Breach of Contract
Hacked Systems
Identity Theft

RESPONSE FROM Apple Developer
The spam email msg looks like this >>

Dear Customer,

We noticed some unusual activity on a credit card linked to your PayPal
account. As a security precaution we've place a limitation on your account.

Date and Time: May 19, 2017 05:32 PM +08:00 ( Western Indonesia Time )
IP: 198.125.336.22
Browser: iOS 10.1.2 AppleWebKit/601.1.46 (KHTML, like Gecko)

Case ID Number: PP-005-571-545-653
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Apple Resolution Center

How you can help?

Please login Here to your account and we just need a little more
information about your account or latest transactions.

To help us with this and to see what you can and can't do with your account
until the issue is resolved, log in to your and follow the steps to confirm
your identity and recent account activity



I have stopped buying Apple or Samsung. We are making all these untouchables so huge, they have started manipulating our lives. I bought a new smart phone for 250 dollars from a Chinese website. It has all that others offer. 128 GB of ROM, 6 GB of RAM, has an extremely nice finish and feel, allows 2 SIM cards, is light like a feather, works with a well known open source OS, and I will throw it away after a year and buy a new one, much better in specs. There is nothing so important that I need to save on my phone and that only Apple and Samsung can make secure and safe. I have no need to spend USD 1000 on a false sense of security...

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fcadmin  |  2017-05-21
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