Anonymous VS Manoj Joshi
Maharashtra  India
Occurred: 2012-05-21; Posted: 2017-05-23

Architect used low grade materials
We hired Manoj Joshi through a recommendation. Sadly, it was a disaster for us. He used duplicate bathroom fittings, poor quality ACs, very poor wiring inside the walls, billed for extra soil to repair the foundation (which he did not), and a dozen more things. A new electrician who cleaned up Manoj's job told us that the wiring standards were illegal for a bungalow and we could've taken him to court. Leaving aside the lack of finesse in his work. We are wealthy family, so we did not compromise on the quality of raw materials (tiles, cables, wood, bulbs, etc). We were billed for the high grade material, but every person who came to repair shorted wires, leaks, cracks in the walls, etc. showed us how bad the quality is. Monetary loss is estimated to be upwards of 10 Lakh rupees.

Fraudulent Representation
Illegal Acts
Financial Losses

He often denied the poor quality and over time, absconded. His electrician was responsible for quality check which were completely ignored and he lied about things being OK.


When you suspect something is going wrong at the level of your Bungalow's architecture & interiors, lawyer up and take it to court. People like Manoj and his electrician deserve to be jailed for such cheating. One can forgive small discrepancies, but, make sure that you are cross-checking everything even if it means taking days off work. Check every bill. Call the retail store/contractor from where your architect made purchases. If possible, go with architect. Most importantly, make a very detailed legal contract which ensures that the architect will be prosecuted if there is a problem. I have linked his email ID and contact info here, do not go to this guy. Don't hesitate to call the cops.

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