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Occurred: 2017-04-13; Posted: 2017-05-26

Globalmarket, another survey fraud
Globalmarket, like cashcrate, offers surveys for you to complete. From what I've read on other surveys, you need to complete between 60-100 surveys in order to make your first withdrawal. Now, one thing has to be taken into consideration: the personal information you put into these surveys are all shared to companies you will never hear from. After a couple of days, you will receive spam mail from these companies. Secondly, globalmarket provides you with no more than one survey per day, sometimes zero surveys for days. By the time you'll reach 14-15 dollars (making a first withdrawal possible), you'll have given so much information of yourself, these companies could literally clone you.

Marketing Lies
Spam Messaging

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MESSAGE FROM Anonymous1234
Stay away from Globalmarket. They pay you so little for your personal and precious information, you'll never reach your first withdrawal.

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