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Occurred: 2017-03-09; Posted: 2017-03-10

No one is truthful and honest anymore
The moment I registered a domain even with extra cash for privacy on, I start receiving emails from spammers about the new domain name and how they can help in SEO, software, make money from the website etc. One has to think either "godaddy" is involved in dirty business or the company providing so called privacy.

Breach of Contract
Hacked Systems
Spam Messaging

MESSAGE FROM Symbol Tech Looks like
Hi Sir/Madam,

As promised the scripts are ready.

You can get the software for your business HERE. ->

In case you have any questions / clarifications, do get back to us.

Have a great day!

Best regards,



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All domain registrars and hosting companies run a network that helps spammers flourish and the probably make money out of it....

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